31 october - 4 november 2024

Created in 2006 and directed since the first edition by Cristina Cazzola, SEGNI New Generations Festival is a unique event in Italy, an international art and theatre event aimed at children, boys and girls aged 18 months to 18 years. The event involves the world of schools, families and the entire cultural system of theatre for the new generations as well as those who love theatre, research and the languages of the arts.
Italian and foreign artists and companies among the most recognised and innovative on the world scene perform in shows, workshops and art itineraries in the art venues of the city of Mantua.
The Festival, in recognition of the quality of the artistic project, obtained the President of the Republic’s endorsement in the form of a Representation Award back in 2008.



Porto Sant'Elpidio (FM)

13-20 july 2024

I Teatri del Mondo, founded in 1990 in Porto Sant’Elpidio, represents one of the most important Italian festivals dedicated to theater for new generations. 
Each year it hosts dozens of performances, workshops, exhibitions, meetings, events and special projects. Porto Sant’Elpidio, in the month of July, becomes the center of children’s theater with more than ten thousand presences among children and families. A large and lively audience that makes its affection felt by the Italian and international companies that are hosted. The structure of the festival provides that all performances take place outdoors, an event that invades the city and ‘occupies’ unconventional spaces. Actor theater, puppetry, shadows, dance theater and new technologies are just some of the genres presented at the festival: a celebration of theatre for the city and the entire region.




28 dicember 2024 - 6 Jenuary 2025

Kids Festival of theater and the arts for the new generations was born in Lecce in 2014 by an idea of Factory compagnia transadriatica and Principio Attivo Teatro for the purpose of offering to the community and tourists the opportunity to enjoy of a rich program of shows, workshops, meetings, exhibitions during the Christmas period from 28 December to 6 January. Kids is dedicated to children and families and presents a proposal of national and international shows that cross multiple languages: theatre, dance, puppetry and contemporary circus. A widespread festival that invades the city of Lecce and its spaces without neglecting the suburbs. An inclusive festival thanks to the practice of the suspended ticket which welcomes more and more families and children every year. Kids Festival is supported by the Municipality of Lecce and the Teatro Pubblico Pugliese.



tarcento (UD)

5-13 Octber 2024

Since 2011 Trallallero Festival has been a place where artists and theater programmers for the new generations can meet and dialogue through shows, workshops, round tables… From 2019 it becomes an international festival.
Trallallero creates training opportunities for artists under 35 with the “Blooming” project; innovates the showcase format by combining the new shows with the actions of “Criticare ad Arte”; works for the international promotion of the Italian brand with Chain Reaction; enhances its “border” territory through a quality cultural offer for children open to different languages and multiculturalism.



Castelfiorentino (FI)

19-22 March 2024

Teatro fra le Generazioni by Giallo Mare Minimal Teatro is a national festival, it happen, since 2011, in Tuscany in Castelfiorentino near Florence, in 2023 from 21 to 24 March. The festival features shows theatre, performances, meetings, worksop and other events for new generations. The event is aimed at artists,  teachers and theatre, academy and festival directors, a rich playbill of events offers the opportunity to experiment with new show and performances.
Under the title Teatro fra le generazioni the festival starts a dialogue between different generations.




12-19 March 2024

VISIONI DI FUTURO, VISIONI DI TEATRO…an international festival of theatre and culture for early years organised by La Baracca. Its first edition was organised in 2004, since then it has been held every year in Bologna, at Teatro Testoni Ragazzi.  An occasion for children, families and theatrical operators to attend shows presented by Italian and foreign companies. Along with the shows, the festival features conferences, round tables, seminars and workshops for teachers and educators, centred on the relationship between art and early years. For the innovative work and the promotion of theatre for the very young, La Baracca were awarded with the ASSITEJ Award for Artistic Excellence 2008. The festival, co-progammed in collaboration with the Municipality of Bologna, has been continuously co-financed by EACEA since its first edition.

ASSITEJ Italia, the Italian section of the worldwide association, was (re)founded at the beginning of 2014, taking up the legacy of ATIG – the Italian Association of Theatre for Children and Young People, founded in 1967 – and willing to develop its aims and commitment to theatre and artistic creation for children, young people and families through new national and international projects. – Live internationalization gateway is a social enterprise born in 2018 with the aim of promoting and supporting the internationalization of the performing art sector. will support organizations according to their objectives and poetics with a learning by doing strategy, connect them with professionals already active internationally, set a national reference structure to build a stable connection between Italian and international market, promote discussion and influence cultural policies.